Palmitos Film


Every independent filmmaker knows that realizing their vision depends on the generosity, dedication, and talents of their team as well as support from their peers.  

In this spirit, I offer the following services for filmmakers and other artists.  Email, and let's talk about your project!


  • Feature and short films + music, promotional, and other videos
  • Specializing in first assemblies and fine cuts
  • Will work closely with you to achieve a final cut that is technically polished and conveys the tone, pace, and emotional pull you envision   


  • Specializing in helping emerging artists contextualize and effectively communicate their evolving body of work
  • 4+ years experience with the grant process from start to finish: managing grants for my own projects as well as for non-profits + representing organizations at grant panels and scoring grants as a panelist
  • Will manage your grant process from the application through reporting or simply assist with a copy edit, depending on your needs       

Festival strategy

  • Inspired by many new filmmakers who work hard to make the movie of their dreams only to realize that festival submissions are a whole other beast they're not quite sure how to tackle  
  • 7+ years researching, analyzing, and strategically navigating the festival landscape  
  • Will work with you to develop a festival strategy based on each festival's unique identity, boosting your chances of a strong festival run that's right for your film


  • Select Miami-based projects


  • I collect images, articles, and information useful to filmmakers and other artists that I'd like to share with you.  Subscribe below for a lil creative motivation every few weeks.